Emerging Artists Film Festival

We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT group of Emerging Artists working to show case and promote FILMS. Everyone volunteers. No one in our community will be paid. We appreciate Donations to help us grow. We will invest all the money to continuously improve our community. If Please feel free to DONATE, VOLUNTEER or SPONSOR us.


We welcome collaborations. If you have a passion project, let us know, we will see if we can help you. Please feel free to e-mail CEOEmergingArtists@gmail.com

We work on Voluntary Donations to invest back into our community.

Let us know the details of your PASSION PROJECT and what do you need to make it a SUCCESS. We will see what we can HELP.


If you are INTERESTED to volunteer. Please feel free to e-mail: CEOEmergingArtists@gmail.com

Let us know your interests, your availability and skillsets. etc.

We are in Calgary. Local volunteers are needed to host Film Festival/award events, Tour of film locations, Exhibitions and Performances.

Virtual Volunteers are need to copywrite articles, on-line interviews, PR , On-line Exhibitions, On-line Performances and social media promotions, etc.


If you are interested to SPONSOR us. Please let us know your offer, by

e-mailing CEOEmergingArtists@gmail.com

Cash SPONSORSHIP will be in the best in the form of DONATIONS. It is more flexible. We will develop an Appreciation campaign to honor your DONATIONS.

In-kind SPONSORSHIP will be based on NEEDS and WANTS. Just let us know what you can offer. Venue sponsorship is mostly needed especially if we are to host, Film Festivals/awards events, exhibitions and performances.