Dramatic Shorts

Dark Directions: Justin D. Hodge

Synopsis: A violent Biker takes his leave from a psychiatric institution to deal with a Cult and others, in this Short film, involving twists and genre changes.

Director - Justin D. Hodge

TOTKA (Witchcraft): Manju Subberwal

Libestraum: Bill Zheng

The Cons' Split: Ishan Parikh

The Dirty Hands Man: Christian & Jason Bareford

Brobdingnagian: Kevin Lucero Less

Rainbow Boulevard: Ishan Parikh

In The Weeds: Nick Milczarczyk

His Shadow: Hrachya Tokmajyan

For Whom The Bell Tolls: D'Adonis Moquette

The Shack: Dark Hoffman

Secrets: Timmy Osoba

Losing Sight: Betsy Stern

OTILIA: Ion Cebotari

Based on a true story. From a young age, a woman was playing the violin and because the routine she had to forget her passion. One day she met an old man at the seashore, he offered a gift to her future baby, who will be born soon. The woman choses a small ballerina toy as a passion prerequisite of her future baby. A few years later, Otilia, the daughter of this woman, dedicates her life to dancing, to become a famous ballerina.

Growing up, more and more problems popped-up in her life. Unfortunately, she quits her dream for an office work. Sometime later, in a park, Otilia meets the same old man which her mother met long time ago. The old man offers a gift to the future baby of Otilia, which will be born soon.

Director: Ion Cebotari

Bill N Back: Olivier Brisson

Unconventional: Denise Khumalo

A documentary that showcases and highlights people of colour and immigrants in Los Angeles. Their journey to success inspires fellow artists to follow their dreams.

Director: Denise Khumalo