Dramatic Shorts

Award Winner Dramatic Shorts

Back To Nature Directed by

Fer Pezoa

Back To Nature

Directed by Fer Pezoa

Award Winner Documentary Shorts

Ulwandle Lushile - meeting the tides Directed by Tembisa Jordaan

Ulwandle Lushile - meeting the tides

Director Tembisa Jordaan

Award Winner Animated Shorts

On / Off Directed by Nicolas P. Villarreal


Director Nicolas P. Villarreal

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Transcending Duality Directed by Alexa Lautenschlager

Suono Directed by Laurd Milian

RESET Directed by NJ Brown

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Acceptance Directed By Erika Lynn Jolie

Creation Directed by Jedi Kang

Road to Ruin Directed By Jesse Smolan

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Descension Directed by Adrian Campbell

Trinkets Directed by Kenneth Heintz

Non Finito Directed By Lucia Treviño Lara

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Reality Directed by Ahmed Almokdad

Come Outside Directed By Sheldon Woodson

Finalist Animated Shorts

Mirror Jellies Directed By Rebecca Allcock

Dungeon Directed by Jérémy Griffaud

SHIFT Directed By Zach Fenlon

Finalist Animated Shorts

Tea Time Directed By Betsy Areizaga

Semi-Finalist Dramatic Shorts

BORDERLAND directed by Hannah Lansburgh, Anastasia Putsykina, Maria Färber, Javier Blanco, Svea Schneider-Sierra