Award Winner Dramatic Shorts

Silent Hill Restless Dreams: Colten Dietz

Silent Hill Restless Dreams

Director: Colten Dietz

Award Winner Documnentary Shorts

Win(d) Over Cancer: Andrew Jowett

Win(d) Over Cancer

Directed by Andrew Jowett

Award Winner Animated Shorts

Free as a (bird): Ray Abu-Jaber

Free as a (bird)

Directed by Ray Abu-Jaber

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Gramma's Giggle: Terri Smith-Fraser

DeMented: Guillermo Cabot

The conspiracy of silence: Arianna Ilardi

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

CRASH: Evan Thomas

Rapture: Raeon George

Finalist Documentary Shorts

M for... (eng subt): Petri Puroaho

Dajla: cinema and oblivion: Arturo Dueñas

Finalist Documentary Shorts

Soldier: Jie ming shi

Semi-Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Don`t Hold Back: Ananya Dupare

Good Gorgeous Hell: REED CASH CARSON

BYGONES: Ben Williams

Semi-Finalists Dramatic Shorts

Can You Check In The Back?: Gee Stewart

The Last Christmas: Ryan Port

Decimal: Prakhar Gautam