Award Winner Dramatic Shorts

The Hour of Lead: Ross Langill

The Hour of Lead

Directed by Ross Langill

Award Winner Documentary Shorts

D Aeolian Contrabass: Cole McLester

D Aeolian Contrabass

Directed by Cole McLester

Award Winner Feature Drama

Give and Take: Faizel Janmohamed

Give and Take

Directed by Faizel Janmohamed

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

Wrath: Cristobal Olguin

Contingency: Eve Zhao

The Shearers Coat: Connor Aubrecht

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

The Eulogies: Ariel Alexander Fiore

I Loved Her First: Braydon langford

God Loves a Cheerful Giver: Nin Meyboom

Finalist Documentary Shorts

Silent Thought: Darlene TorrensJoseph