Award Winner Dramatic Shorts

Out Of Love: Tomide Bamigboye

Out Of Love

Director: Tomide Bamigboye

Award Winner Animated Shorts

Yellow Lines: Aimee Ham

Yellow Lines: Aimee Ham

Director: Aimee Ham

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

JUNCTION: Robert Andrew Thomson Taylor

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me?: Ana A Prickett Braunstein

Sessions in Grief: Nika

Finalist Dramatic Shorts

R.O.I.: Benjamin Blais

Finding You Again: Daren Valdez

The Horror Compendium: Freshest Cuts: Adam Jordan

Finalist Animated Shorts

Animated History - Braddock's Expedition: Andrew Kouropoulos

"These Aren't People": Ben Rosales

Outcast Everlasting: Anna Valdez