202103 ScreenLike

Each Month, we screen PRIOR month submissions for voting. Please share this page to your FAN and Fellow Film Makers for SUPPORT.

Click and Watch the Film in our festival channel. Like the film. Base on the Likes, we will award Semi-Finalist, Finalist and Award Winner for the Month. The NEXT month, we showcase the WINNERS of the LAST MONTH.

All those who submitted the Downloadable files are the Honorable Mention for the Month. Please screen and like other film makers' work, learn from others is the KEY to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

Official Selection Films of 202103 and Films for SCREENING and VOTING.

Official Selection Short Films March 2021

Unconventional:Denise Khumalo

TOTKA (Witchcraft): Manju Subberwal

The Cons' Split: Ishan Parikh

The Shack: Dark Hoffman

The Dirty Hands Man: Christian & Jason Bareford

Secrets: Timmy Osoba

Rainbow Boulevard: Ishan Parikh

OTILIA: Ion Cebotari

Losing Sight: Betsy Stern

Libestraum: Bill Zheng

In The Weeds: Nick Milczarczyk

His Shadow: Hrachya Tokmajyan

For Whom The Bell Tolls:D'Adonis Moquette

Dark Directions: Justin D. Hodge

Brobdingnagian: Kevin Lucero Less

Bill N Back: Olivier Brisson