202108 ScreenLike

Each Month, we screen PRIOR month submissions for voting. Please share this page to your FAN and Fellow Film Makers for SUPPORT.

Click and Watch the Film in our festival channel. Like the film. Base on the Likes, we will award Semi-Finalist, Finalist and Award Winner for the Month. The NEXT month, we showcase the WINNERS of the LAST MONTH.

All those who submitted the Downloadable files are the Honorable Mention for the Month. Please screen and like other film makers' work, learn from others is the KEY to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.

SOLO: Camilla Fragasso

Crimson: Keerian Flammang

Skin: Victoria Lewis

Janie’s Melody: Rick Cerda

Color Your Mind: Axel Werner

SIMI: Debbie Yati Garrett

To Really Love a Woman: Christina Estillore, Arman Estillore

Chronophobia: Coline Dubus

Rejection: David Joseph Fleshman, Nathan Fleshman

Global Warming - Penguins: David Joseph Fleshman

Thanksgiving Day: David Joseph Fleshman

Boy in His Thoughts: David Joseph Fleshman

Child as A Boss: David Joseph Fleshman

Memories Of Green: Sam Luna